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Rural Equity Digital Health Systems Project

The partnership with UNH Center for Digital Health Innovation, UNH Extension and the local community has afforded us the opportunity for pioneering a new model for rural community educational telehealth hubs through a USDA Rural Telehealth Equipment grant. 


5 digital health systems are being introduced into the community as new interventions. Creating a community partnership with the County Director of Health Care has allowed us to introduce new therapies for cognitive impairment, mental health, falls prevention, stroke and physical therapy rehab.

The five digital health systems being introduced are:

  • OMNI Telepresence Robot

  • Care Simple Remote Patient Monitoring Scale

  • Medi Touch Hand Tutor

  • REAL Series VR - I and Y


Rural Health Digital Systems Hub

MEET "SULLI" the newest resident at the county nursing home facility featuring a PT rehab and Alzheimer's unit. I am currently providing training and technical support for each digital health system used by staff and clinicians. 



Through this partnership, I am able to research digital therapeutics and personalized medicine through digital health systems from the clinician and staff point of view. Workflow, along with telehealth system opportunities and challenges will be assessed during this next year as each system is introduced into the health care environment. 

older adult using virtual reality therap

Supporting UNH Public Health
Senior Nursing Student Projects

Being a community to campus connector I have a unique opportunity to collaborate with UNH senior nursing students for their public health project. The health care center is currently under going a $75m renovation facility project. The Director asked if the students could develop a residential assessment tool for when they are able to assign and move residents into the new facility. The students developed a pilot needs-based assessment tool for nursing home residents focused on social and environmental factors. The tool is specifically aimed to facilitate seamless transitions and personalized roommate assignments for nursing home residents that focuses on individualized person centric care. Nursing students conducted a literature review to consider best practices for resident based care along with gathering expertise from community partners. The final step was visiting the facility and piloting the comprehensive tool with low and high functioning residents and making adjustments. This project will add to the body of literature that currently has a gap in addressing this need. 

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