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Empower Yourself Through Health and Wellness Education

Dr. Kroll offers holistic older adult programs to encourage Aging Well and enhancing overall well-being. UNH Extension supports healthy choices and creating healthy communities by providing research-based information, training and technical assistance to help New Hampshire succeed and thrive. Dr. Kroll is an experienced instructor and develops comprehensive educational experiences that guide participants and communities through transformative learning journeys. Current direct educational programs include the Eight Dimensions of Wellness Interactive Online Assessment, Boost Your Brain and Memory, Mental Health First Aid and Rural Telehealth Accessibility and Applications using biofeedback and VR simulations.

Life-changing Experience

“I enrolled in the Boost Your Brain and Memory course and it was a life-changing experience. The knowledge and skills I gained have have helped me understand my husbands diagnosis of vascular dementia and how I can support him. I didn't understand before when the the doctor explained it. This has had a positive impact on our health and lifestyle. Highly recommended!”

Carol D.

Transformative Learning

Embark on Your Wellness Journey Today!

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